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The Comprehensive Process

When most people think about working with a Investment Advisor Representative, they typically think of investments and retirement accounts. While those financial instruments are important in the planning process, they do not create a complete financial picture. Likewise, if a person works with an insurance professional, they may receive good advice on insurance options, but fail to consider a broader financial picture. In both of these cases, important financial decisions are being made without a comprehensive plan. True financial planning involves combining the investment and the insurance worlds, so they can help protect you and your family, and give you the ability to accumulate wealth.

My process will involve a series of meetings, which start with data gathering. We then meet to review my analysis. Most clients find this process very educational. We discuss the various financial instruments that make up your financial life, and ensure that you understand what they are, and what options you have within each financial instrument. The following is an outline of the process:

  1. Introductory Meeting – In our first meeting, we will take time to review some basic information. I will explain the planning process, services offered, and what to expect.
  2. Data Gathering / Confidential Financial Questionnaire - Most clients I work with are referred to me by other clients, or as part of my trusted advisor network, so in many cases this step may be part of the Introductory Meeting. This allows me to study your current financial situation as well as documents that you provide to me for review.
  3. Review current financial model and discuss possible enhancements – This starts with a unique financial model given to you on your own personal website, providing a complete, up-to-date picture of your financial life. We then walk through all areas of your financial life and begin to explore how improvements can be achieved.
  4. Implementation – Throughout our review of your current situation and possible enhancements, we will implement strategies you choose, based on our discussions. The goal is to implement strategies only after you understand what the benefits are. We strive to implement these changes with no additional out-of-pocket cash flow.
  5. Review – By using your unique financial model in your own personal website, you and me both have the benefit of a constant, up-to-date picture of your financial life. It enables us to meet at regular intervals to continually refine your financial model, ensuring that life changes and economic changes are taken into account.

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